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Our Mission & Vision


Foster an inclusive educational community that inspires excellence.


  • ​Develop students to be self-directed learners who are ready for higher education and career opportunities through living history, hands-on science, and cross-discipline integration.
  • Serving homeschool families and anyone who needs additional educational support.
  • Creating confident, educated young adults.

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Join us for the

'24-'25 School Year

Enrollment for classes in the '24-'25 is ​now open! Core classes meet on ​Wednesdays, while electives are ​available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. ​Tutoring and Math Lab are available ​by appointment. We serve middle and ​high school students in Historic ​Lawrenceville. Enrollment in all classes ​requires a family membership to ​Hazelwood Prep ($100/yr).

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Core Classes These Meet on Wednesdays
Desk in Chemistry Class with Beakers

Middle School


In math, students will be met ​where they are. Some lessons ​will be taught as a class, but one-​on-one review will be an ​important part of the class. In ​science, students will dive into ​the captivating world of Biology ​with a special focus on ​Biodiversity, ecosystems, and the ​inner workings of cellular ​anatomy. ($65/mo)

Middle School

History/Language Arts

Students will journey back in ​time to the dawn of civilization ​and immerse themselves in the ​rich tapestry of ancient history, ​mythology, and literature. This ​class will feature a living ​notebook activity which will ​prepare students for High ​School writing. ($65/mo)

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High School


In math, students will be met ​where they are. Some lessons ​will be taught as a class, but ​one-on-one review will be an ​important part of the class. In ​science, students will embark ​on a fascinating journey into ​the world of Biology with this ​comprehensive high school ​course, with a few advancing ​onto Chemistry. ($65/mo)

Old Globe And Books

High School

History/Language Arts

Students will journey back in ​time to the dawn of civilization ​and immerse themselves in ​the rich tapestry of ancient ​history, mythology, and ​literature. ($65/mo)

Enrollment in all classes requires a family ​membership to Hazelwood Prep ($100/yr).

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International Day of Charity, 5 September. Colorful Hands, Blue

Interact Club of Hazelwood Gwinnett

The Interact Club of Hazelwood Gwinnett gives students who ​are 12 - 18 years old an opportunity to engage in service ​projects. This club is affiliated with Rotary International and ​sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville. (included with ​Hazelwood membership)

Musical Notes and Music Sheets on Yellow Wooden Background

Music - Choir

Music is the foundation to learning, opening the brain ​and connecting areas that may never connect ​otherwise. During this learning experience, students will ​learn all they need to know to read music as a second ​language and sing as a collective voice. ($35/mo)

Masks with Theatre Concept

Drama Performance

Throughout the course students will explore the key ​elements of theatrical performance, from ​conceptualization to execution, while having the ​opportunity to put those skills to use in two performances, ​one in the fall and one in the spring. ($35/mo)

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Drama Tech

Throughout the course, students will explore the key ​elements of theatrical production, from conceptualization ​to execution, while gaining hands-on experience in various ​aspects of drama tech. Students in this class will lead the ​technical roles of both the fall and spring shows. ($35/mo)

Tuesday Electives

Enrollment in all classes requires a family ​membership to Hazelwood Prep ($100/yr).


Thursday Electives

Enrollment in all classes requires a family ​membership to Hazelwood Prep ($100/yr).

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Role Play American Government and Economics

Students will be immersed in the dynamic world of politics, governance, and ​economic systems in this innovative high school course. Civic Engagement ​combines the study of government and economics with interactive roleplay ​simulations, empowering students to actively participate in decision-making ​processes and explore the complexities of real-world issues. ($65/mo)

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Step into the vibrant world of artistic creation with Art ​Exploration 1, a dynamic course designed to introduce students ​to the fundamental principles of art while embracing creativity ​and experimentation with various mediums. ($35/mo)

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Speech and Debate

Designed to cultivate confident communicators and effective advocates, ​this class provides students with the tools and techniques needed to excel ​in competitive debate tournaments, public speaking events, and everyday ​communication situations. ($35/mo)

Books and Typewriter


Students will develop storytelling skills through creative projects and ​presentations. They will learn how to craft compelling narratives, ​develop well-rounded characters, and evoke vivid imagery inspired by ​ancient motifs and themes. ($35/mo)

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School Calendar

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Interact Club of Hazelwood Gwinnett

Foreign Language Conversation Time*





Music - Choir

Drama - Performance


Drama - Tech

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High School

History/Language Arts

Middle School






High School


Middle School

History/Language Arts


RPG Gaming Club

School Schedule

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Math Lab





Music - Choir




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*currently seeking a facilitator for this program

**High School students only

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What is a Passion Project?

A passion project is not defined by the parent or instructor. It is your opportunity to control your education and learn through something you are passionate about.

A passion project should excite and motivate you. You could decide to establish a business or Nor For Profit organization, write a blog or book, start a community initiative, undertake independent research, or invent something.

How do I get started?

  • Sign up for our passion project mentorship program
  • Meet with mentor(s) on a weekly basis who will help you make connections and set up your proposal.
  • Continue working on the steps of your proposal through fruition.

How do I choose a passion project?

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Our passion projects are not just for homeschoolers We are also accepting traditionally schooled students and young adults who might be looking to do a gap year project boost their portfolio or get started on their next big idea
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Propose a Class

Call For Co-Op Classes

We are Seeking Teachers for the '24-'25 School Year

Desktop in Classroom

Do you have a class you want to teach?

We are adding new co-op classes in the '24-'25 school year. These classes will be prioritized to Tuesdays & Thursdays, but there may also be Monday and Friday availability. While you are welcome to self-promote your class, we will also promote it to our membership. Discussions about class curriculum, scheduling, and compensation will be on a case-by-case basis.

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Ways to Give

the Concept of Charity

Giving Tuesday

GAGives Day may be finished, but you can still donate through the GAGives platform year round!

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Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon has discontinued wish lists, we will update this section with new opportunities in the future.

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Open House by Appointment

By appointment. Come check out our location and get information about next year's programming. We are often here in the afternoons Monday-Thursday, please schedule a time so we don't miss you!

Coming Soon

More Events Coming Soon...

Check back for new events

Upcoming Events

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Meet Our Directors

About Us

Andrea Hermitt

Executive Director of Programming

Mere Jones

Executive Director of Development

Ms. Andrea homeschooled her two children from 2003 until 2013, when the youngest entered college. She wrote for numerous websites and homeschool blogs, and since graduating her own children (who currently hold Bachelors and Masters degrees) has been immersed in theatre arts and counseling homeschool families.

Ms. Mere is currently homeschooling a pair of feral children, who somehow became teenage boys. She is a graphic designer and has served on the board of several not-for-profit organizations. She is excited to help make the magic of Hazelwood happen.

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Contact Details


100 Mill Street, Suites A&B

Lawrenceville, Georgia




Program Inquiries: ahermitt@hazelwoodprep.org

Financial Inquiries:


(404) 401-6188

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